Monday, October 31, 2016

Desicon Engineering - A Project to Eliminate Gas Flaring in Ebocha


As CEO and managing director of Desicon Engineering, Ltd., Akanimo Udofia guides a Nigerian firm that provides dedicated solutions focused on the natural resources industry. Akanimo Udofia’s firm has successfully completed numerous projects, including an onshore flaring-down facility for the Nigerian Agip Oil Company at Ebocha Oil Centre.

The project encompassed all aspects of constructing a gas compression island designed to eliminate gas flaring, which involves natural gas burning and is part of the oil extraction process. Flaring as a widespread practice reflects the fact that drilling for oil inevitably produces gas. While this gas can be captured, stored and sold, the required infrastructure, encompassing power plants and pipelines, is expensive. Gas is thus often flared (burned) in the atmosphere, which has significant CO2 emissions consequences.

While flaring is most prevalent in Russia, Nigeria, and the United States, companies such as Desicon Engineering have been responsible for halving the amount of flaring occurring in Nigeria over the past two decades. Some forward-thinking entities in Nigeria envision a time when currently flared gas can be fully captured and provide its citizens with affordable natural gas energy.