Monday, October 31, 2016

Desicon Engineering - A Project to Eliminate Gas Flaring in Ebocha


As CEO and managing director of Desicon Engineering, Ltd., Akanimo Udofia guides a Nigerian firm that provides dedicated solutions focused on the natural resources industry. Akanimo Udofia’s firm has successfully completed numerous projects, including an onshore flaring-down facility for the Nigerian Agip Oil Company at Ebocha Oil Centre.

The project encompassed all aspects of constructing a gas compression island designed to eliminate gas flaring, which involves natural gas burning and is part of the oil extraction process. Flaring as a widespread practice reflects the fact that drilling for oil inevitably produces gas. While this gas can be captured, stored and sold, the required infrastructure, encompassing power plants and pipelines, is expensive. Gas is thus often flared (burned) in the atmosphere, which has significant CO2 emissions consequences.

While flaring is most prevalent in Russia, Nigeria, and the United States, companies such as Desicon Engineering have been responsible for halving the amount of flaring occurring in Nigeria over the past two decades. Some forward-thinking entities in Nigeria envision a time when currently flared gas can be fully captured and provide its citizens with affordable natural gas energy.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Popular Nigerian Dishes

Akanimo Udofia is a long-time leader within the Nigerian oil and gas industry. With extensive experience in forming partnerships and building businesses, he leverages his knowledge to handle overall strategy and growth at Desicon Engineering as the managing director and CEO. In his free time, Akanimo Udofia enjoys local Nigerian food.

As with most cuisines, Nigerian food has its own unique flavor and character. However, when many people think about the food in different countries, Nigerian food does not come to mind. The following are just a few of Nigeria’s more popular dishes:

-Tuwo shinkafa. Hailing from northern Nigeria, tuwo shinkafa is especially loved by the Hausa tribes. The dish is made up of soft rice paired with a spicy sauce and may also be served with a side of meat.

-Akara. Popular as a high-protein breakfast, snack, or side dish, akara are light, deep-fried fritters. They are made from beans, usually peeled brown beans, along with a mixture of blended onions and spices.

-Ewa agoyin. Another bean-based dish, ewa agoyin combines flavorful pepper sauce with cooked brown or white beans. It is often seen as a hot street food and originated from the Beninoise peoples.

-Moin moin. A protein-rich staple in Nigeria, moin moin is a cooked brown bean pudding. The vegan dish is made from a mixture of ground beans, palm oil, onions, and spices. It is steamed in banana leaves and can be customized to include small bits of meat or eggs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Harvard Alumni Association Holds 5th Annual Ski Trip

Before he became managing director of Desicon Engineering Limited, Akanimo Udofia studied at Harvard Business School’s Senior Executive Programme. Thanks to his strong academic background, he was able to land highly regarded executive positions in private companies. Today, Akanimo Udofia serves as a member of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA).

The Harvard Alumni Association represents all graduates of the University, including Radcliffe College. To foster a lasting and beneficial relationship to all members, HAA holds regular events open to all alumni. Early next year, HAA will be having its 5th Annual Ivy Ski/Snowboard Trip.

Initiated by the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Philadelphia – a chapter of HAA serving alumni in the greater Philadelphia area – the 5th Annual Ivy Ski/Snowboard Trip will be held on Killington, Vermont. Its all-inclusive package consists of transportation, food, and accommodation throughout the whole duration of the trip. Members of the alumni can also bring their friends, family, or significant others.

The 5th Annual Ski/Snowboard Trip will take place January 13-16, 2017.